Minecraft Manhunt UNEDITED 4 Hunters FINALE

27 Νοέ 2020
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Minecraft Manhunt UNEDITED 4 Hunters FINALE... This is the extended footage from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE" video.
World Seed: -4221063993078745765
Original Video: grworld.info/fund/m6WjrLm_anpmrYo/b-nteo
I thought I'd upload this sort of like a live stream. There's lots of silent bits and there's no music to set the mood, but hopefully it's not too boring! Most manhunts are around this long.
Unsure on if I'll do this in the future, but if you guys really like stuff like this maybe I will! I might instead make an "Extended Cut" or something that has full fight scenes rather than leaving in the uninteresting stuff.
There are points in this video where I check my phone, or I check my discord, or people grab snacks or go to the bathroom or stuff, obviously it's a long recording. Sometimes if I'm standing still or something that might be why. There's kind of awkward silences as well, but that's just what happens when you're focusing! Manhunts are a blast to record, and I'm sure you can see us bantering and the fun we have recording :)
0:00 Intro
4:59 George/Sapnap chase
8:40 MLG Ladder
13:34 Antfrost Iron Supply
18:55 TNT Surprise
34:18 Cobweb Surprise fight
46:20 Enter Nether
54:22 Enter Fortress
57:39 George Sapnap Fight
1:06:24 Leave Fortress
1:23:37 Pearl Trades
1:45:35 Break/server pause
2:03:44 Invis Leaving Nether
2:11:20 Enter Stronghold
2:40:18 Minecart Trap
2:44:23 Enter End
George: @GeorgeNotFound
Antfrost: @Antfrost
BadBoyHalo: @BadBoyHalo
Sapnap: @Sapnap

  • I didn't put music on this so you guys can enjoy it however you want! I recommend throwing on some tunes in the background while you watch :) There's also timestamps in the description if you want to skip around. Also, editors you may feel free to use any clips from this for edits or compilations or anything you want!

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    • thanks bro

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    • You should play with skeppy and bad

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    • @Eli- Awesome Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia

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  • he used diamonds to make a pick axe

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  • Me: On youtube scrolling sees this video "this look fun to see" sees it 3 hour it 11:37 pm and Me seeing I have to go to bed at 12 or 1 Me emailing it to myself and think am going to watch as much as I can and continue it tomorrow :)

  • 4 sec more, and its 3 hours

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  • I started watching this at 1am assuming I would get bored (Like I usually do with long videos) and watch the show that I actual got ready to watch before this but no... 2 hours in and I am going to watch to the end 😂

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  • Instead of 3 or 4 hunters dream hunts the hunters

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  • (Speedrunner)Dream vs Shitass (hunter)

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  • this is my 3rd time watching this, it’s so cool

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  • i hate how much anxiety i get when watching these but it’s so interesting

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  • I thought dream beat mc in like 30-40 minutes with ppl tryna kill him.Then I watch this and realize it takes him 2 hours

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  • Dream is gay???

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  • if you post more can you make uncut versions of them... its rlly fun to watch

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  • 2:59:07 sapnap what the fuck was that

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  • 2:59:07 ME when the teacher comes in and i have a phone in my arm

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  • theres no way they found that much diamonds they definitely spawned it in

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  • Loaded this seed and have a base in that huge mountain.... it is actually a broken savanna plateau ... and its height is Y= 227 FYI

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  • I would like to see a hunter POV

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  • 2:59:07

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  • hes not some green man hes the best minecraft player in the world!:)

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  • I have an eating disorder, so whenever I watch one of these longer streams I make a pact to myself that I have to eat something. Anyways, I’m making spaghetti!! It’s so stupid that these videos help me a lot, but they really do.

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  • Manhunts are so dead without the music

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  • 3 hours ÷_÷

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  • Pogchamp

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  • dream: goes of mountain with boat also dream: the boat breaks in mid air

  • I literally sat here and watched the whole thing 👁👄👁

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  • everybody gangsta till dream startz towering with obsidian

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  • he's so smart, I'm in love.

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  • Haha so funny

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  • Unedit version is the best Better than a action movie

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  • It’s funny how dream it supposed to be getting chased but dream is chasing after them instead 😅😂

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  • Bruh i need that seed i have a wicked build idea

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  • “Hey siri define arduous” “no screw you”

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  • nioce

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  • it was funny when you did the flying thing hahahahahhahaha

  • You should do a ark man hunt

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  • Badboyhalo: how did he get stone. Meanwhile dream was in a ravine full of stone.

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  • 5:09 look on how he jumps it looked like he flies for a second

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  • 3:06:49 That's 300IQ right there

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  • That was so much fun to watch just like a movie....thank you

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  • Yo I can sing mine diamonds perfectly like the actual video

  • ignore this comment 38:23

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  • He got some air on that boat 👌🤣😂

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  • *in this video dream plays minecraft while chatting to his friends and occasionally screaming and laughing*

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  • When they sung hallelujah tho Funniest part

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  • I go forward a bit and hear George saying yyyyeeeaha

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  • 2:05:10 ya shoulda taken the enchanting table or griefed thier base to annoy them

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  • what is the seed plz

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  • I’m at 24:26

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  • 2:59:06 I still can't get over how Sap screamed like this

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  • shouldve shot them off the end spawn with his punch bow that would've been a VERY good move

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  • Fact that’s not fun: you can make a bot that makes infinite comments so every comment you make is stolen.

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  • WHY DOES HE KEEP THAT SPIDER EYE he's making me nervous

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    • what?????? what's that thing???

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  • It’s so weird without the suspense music 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I love that ant just mines and gets op stuff for the rest of them including dream

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  • that spider eye is just messing with me

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  • Me: waiting for dream to pick up the nether wart for potions Dream: * leaves bastion without it Me: *seizure

  • Why’d he chuck out blaze powder tho

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  • What seed are they using

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  • I think from 2:59:06 I have been mentally scarred. Thanks Sapnap, really appreciate it... -w-

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  • 31:47 Bad: Hello Dream Dream: B O N K E

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  • He had 10 oby so he didn’t have to make portal. He also could’ve built another Portal instead of sneaking past them.

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  • did anyone watched the edited and unedited video like me?

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  • sapnap: adorable chaos gogy: the sidekick dream: the big brain bad: adorable muffin/leader of manhunts ant: the resource monkey/cat/mole ass: clenched hotel: trivago

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  • When when they say dreams done me nope the is so much more time in the vid

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  • 31:33 1:24:42 2:22:53

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  • You forgot 21:11 “The Great Boat Escape”

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  • I want to learn dream parkour

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  • Mobs = Dream team's/Dream helper Ender Dragons: Hunters Team's/helping hunters and not get defeated

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  • BadBoyHalo: "HOW DID HE GET STONE" Me: Bruh he's literally in a ravine :/

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  • This is where we learn that the music is a very large part of the videos, and I'm still gonna watch the whole thing anyway.

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  • Sapnap: HES DRINKING POTIONS Also Sapnap: *oh no im outta here*

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  • I still don't understand why when dream flew off the mountain in a boat, they didn't all make boats and do the same? There were trees up there so they could definitely do it, i'm so confused JSJDJ

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  • why did bad say how did he get stone in a rivine HAHAHA

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  • I don't care how long this is ❤️ I love it and will finish watching it to the end haha 🥰

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  • George:come here dream,look at me with my iron helmet dream:*hit george also george:ARGHHH me:*fell of my chair laughing so hard XD at the end:R.I.P earphone user

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  • I did it it took a few days but I did it :) I watched the whole video

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  • Title: *UNEDITED* *Thumbnail Has Been Edited*

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  • That was sooooo GOOOOOD.

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  • Me : ayo another dream analysis vid that I’ve never seen before Also me : *sees that it’s 2 hours long* Adios

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  • I really enjoyed the unedited version of manhunt.

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  • You still have your touch logan

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  • I CANTT THE WAY BAD SAYS “thank yaw”

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  • Sapnap saying come here Dream *Dream drinks strength * dream says come here sapnap *sapnap screams like little girl *

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  • Imagine in the future Dream D did a Mc manhunt but he has to get a elytra and then summon the dragon 1 more time and kill it and then he wins

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