Opposite Day In A Parallel World | HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Funny Situations by La La Life School

5 Απρ 2021
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Everything is so weird in a parallel universe, even school!🙃 Everyday problems don’t exist anymore 💃 you don’t have to study or pay 💶 for the things you want!😃 Parallel universe is soooo cool! Or not? 🚀Let’s check it out in the NEW EPISODE by La La Life Musical
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00:19 Girls problems
00:20 Weird lesson
01:16 School cafe
02:05 Shopping time
02:47 Good night
03:41 Mom vs me
04:27 Weird diet
05:14 Angry mom
06:08 My crush
07:07 First date
08:18 What it's like to be a foodie
08:52 My best friend
09:09 Weird World
09:40 Monster under the bed
09:55 Back to normal
#fun #comedy #girls
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